Proud UCP Supporters

Last October, I noticed a bunch of American style political attack ads when I was at a pub and the hockey game was on. I noticed an ominous sonding anti-NDP ad about how bad they weer, destryoing ALebrat etc and so on.

A few minutes later, nautrally, came the Jason Kenney is the shining angewl who has come to whisk ALberta back to better days.

Turns out these ads are the product of a PAC consisting of a buunch of greedy, self-serving, short sighted corproatinons and individuals. These are long term Alberta cxonservatives (i.e. the old PC boys club).

The linked page below is a list of donors to the anti-NDP PAC. They proudly and publically support all the policies and propoisals of Jason kenney and his UCP.


Merit Contractors Association