Hi there!

My name is Normen. (Sadly not Lou Normen).

I am an Edmonton resident of almost 40 years. I am approaching 60 and will likely be  retiring soon.

Rachel Notley and her team won the last Alberta provincial election which was a reversal of decades of conservative rule. People attributed her win to many factors with the split of the conservative vote between the WIldrose and Progressive Conservatives being widely blamed for the NDP’s “accidental government”.

Jason Kenney and his tightly controlled Alberta UCP believe they have re-united that split conservative vote and are now a  shoo-in to be elected. Unfortunately, that may be true. Polls show a YUGE lead for Kenney.

Back to me. Since I am approaching retirement, I consider this election a referendum on the future of young people in Alberta. I believe that Rachel Notley and her team has the best plan for future generation of Albertans.

I wanted to post pictues of my grandchildren on Twitter and here in order to put a face to what motivates my political activity. This was vehemently opposed by their parents While their decision is final for any or no reason, I asked why. They said
they did not want my grandchildren’s images associated with my political views. Oh well, turns out they’re diehard UCP supporters even though they know next to nothing about the NDP or UCP policies.

What is interesting about their position is that my granddaughter did a modelling job for a chidrens clothing store, so her pictures are freely available on the internet. What was hurtful and deeply insulting to me is that they are okay with have pictures posted if they make money for it but not if their proud grandfather wants to show off who inspires him to try to make the future better for all kids.

This aversion to posting children’s pictures on the internet is yet another irrational, paranoid fear with no basis in fact. What do they think will happen? The only thing I can think of is poeple will copy them and make memes or something. The fact is that the most likely “side” to do that would be the ubiqitous alt-right UCP supporters. SMH

I said to them that a parent who votes for the UCP is voting against their children’s interest. I received an angry response about how insulting, don’t go there blah blah blah, but, look at this:

  1. Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) are proven to make schools safer for children
  2. The Alberta UCP has long campaigned on getting rid of GSAs
  3. Removing GSAs will make kids less safe.
  4. UCP policies will make children less safe
  5. A parent who votes for the UCP is voting for chidren to be less safe in school (i.e. against their children’s interest)

Seems pretty logical to me and this is only one of several similar proposals. Sadly, logic has never been known to be a strong trait in the typical alt-right UCP supporters that we encounter.

I learned another lesson this weekend. Apparently, not talking about politics means listening to ill-informed nonsense against NDP policies and for the UCP from an arrogant UCP supporter. This is the type of guy that always has to be the smartest person in the room and makes sure every knows it. It is extremely frustating for me to listen to their garbage and not respond. But, when I do respond, usually with actual facts, thats when the “you can’t talk politics” kicks in. I often get animated and passionate because it’s frustrating to combat the wall of wilfull ignorance built around some kind of mythical idea that all things not conservative are bad. The petroleum engineers seem to be particularly bad about this. I believe it is an indicator of the the DK effect.

I believe that Jason Kenney’s plans, particularly in the area of education reform, are dangerous and insulting. They are just for pandering to whatever single issue retrograde “educational” group is friends with a FOAF of Kenney’s.

Last year, I was having some grub at a pub and saw these ads on the hockey game that were anti-Rachel Notley ads. Similar to what we see in America with their Citizens United debacle. After that came the inevitable Jason Kenney is the shining saint that has come riding into town to save the day for all “real” Albertans.

That kinda pissed me off. Later that night, I drunkenly rage bought this domain. This website is the result of them pissing me off.

Originally I planned to aggregate and present the copious amount of evidence of Kenney’s grave character flaws, however, it appears that that has already been taken care of. 

Voters should be able to make an informed choice on the character traits of the party leaders. 

I am solely responsible for the content of  this website. If you find anything on this website that is factually incorrect or if you have any other questions about the content, please go here. I finance this on my own and take no donations or make any money from this website. I reserve the right to market products using the Shaping Alberta™ trademark with any and all proceeds going to the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

I am independent of any politcal party, including the NDP, although I’m proud to support them. I am not an NDP party member (and I’m sure they’d like to keep it that way 😀 )

NOTICE: This website and everyone affiliated with it is in no way endorsed by or related to the self-serving, greedy Alberta businesses that publically and proudly support Jason Kenney’s destructive and retrograde policies. I’m sure you know what ratbag infested PAC I’m talking about, no need to link.